Standard Ink Colors
Standard Ink Colors
Due to the differences in computer monitors and computer video cards,
the colors displayed below should be used only as guides.
Not all PMS matches are perfect. Some are as close as possible but either lighter or
darker than the actual ink color. Black and White are always considered a standard color.

ColorPMS* Match
Ivory-CreamPMS 1205C
YellowPMS 108C
Chrome Yellow may require underlayPMS 116C
Athletic GoldPMS 136c
Vegas GoldPMS 466C
OrangePMS 172c
ScarletPMS 1795c
Dark/Blood RedPMS 200c
CardinalPMS 202c
Panther Pink requires underlay PMS 806u
CerisePMS 675c
Sky BluePMS 305c
Opaque Process BluePMS 2925c
Ultra-Marine Blue may require underlayPMS 286c
Reflex Blue may require underlayPMS Reflex blue
Royal BluePMS 2945c
Navy BluePMS 2965c
TurquoisePMS 3125u
JadePMS 320u
TealPMS 321u
Athletic PurplePMS 275c
PurplePMS 268c
Kelly GreenPMS 348c
Grass GreenPMS 347c
Forest GreenPMS 343c
Neon Green requires underlay PMS 802c
FleshPMS 473c
Tan (khaki)PMS 729c
Texas Orange (Rust)PMS 1675c
Medium BrownPMS 499u
Dark BrownPMS 476u
GreyPMS Cool Gray 8c
Neon Yellow requires underlay PMS 395c
Blaze Orange requires underlay PMS 804c
Horizon Blue requires underlay PMS 293c
Dark GreyPMS 445c or 445u
Metallic SilverPMS 877c
Gold MetallicPMS 871c
Cosmic Crystals goes over any color as 2nd colorBASE ONLY
CopperPMS 876c
*PMS: Pantone Matching System